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Efficient preparation of training curriculum

Efficient preparation of training curriculum

What is the exam of training curriculum preparation competency?

Is a professional exam designed to measure the efficiency of the training curriculum designer and the designer of its courses.

Importance of the competency exams:

Competency exams are considered one of the most important methods used to verify the availability of qualities and qualifications required in persons applying for vacant positions in the administrative structure, whether it is administrative, technical or other, and whether exams are oral, written, performance, personal interviews or practical-applied.

Exam comprehensiveness:

The exam is divided into two parts (theoretical part and applied part)

Where the theoretical part includes measuring the competence of the training curriculum designers in ten basic areas, each one includes a set of questions that measure the competence of the examinee in that area.

While the applied part includes preparation of an integrated training curriculum, which is subjected to the arbitration Standards "MIT" system by the system experts.

Test Execution Mechanism:

The theoretical part of the exam is conducted through determining the appropriate time for the examinee through the website of the Professional Training Systems Union.

Exam grades:

The total score of the exam in both theoretical and applied parts is (100) degrees, distributed into 40% for the theoretical part and 60% for the applied part.

Exam duration:

The exam duration in the theoretical part is 125 minutes, and after that the exam window will be closed immediately. The applied part depend on the type of exam system. In the examination of competency in the preparation of the training curriculum, the exam duration is limited to two weeks maximum, during which the prepared training curriculum should be submitted for arbitration by the Union experts accredited in this system type.

Exam Advantages:

Those who pass the competency exam in the preparation of the training curriculum receive the following advantages:

- Training Curriculum Designer Certificate.

- Training Curriculum Designer License.

- Professional recommendation from the President of the Training Professional Systems Union.

- Obtain a fellowship of the Training Professional Systems Union.

- Possibility of training on the scientific Material.

General guidelines:

- Be keen to attend the professional competency exam with the Professional Training Systems Union PTSU.

- Have a high state of relaxation during the execution of the exam in its theoretical or applied part.

- If you have an emergency condition that prevents you from taking the exam, you must notify the Federation not later than 24 hours prior to the exam, so that you do not lose the exam fees.

- You will be notified by the exam result via the e-mail that you registered when you applied for the professional fellowship, within a week from the exams with a theoretical part only, and a maximum of one month for exams with applied or practical part.

- Passing any competency test is considered by examinee obtaining more than 70% of the total theoretical and applied exam scores.